What is the difference between wedding planning and coordination anyways?

Wedding Planners do all of the research, prep work, and basically lay the foundation for your wedding day. If a Wedding Planner does their joy correctly... when the Wedding Coordinator gets to work about a month prior to your wedding, there is a smooth transition and they are able to efficiently pick up the reigns and perfectly execute your day. 


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If you're looking for:

Help figuring our logistics

What size of table linens do I need? How many bottles of wine should I order? Which vendors match my style?  How do I make a budget? What is a timeline and why do I need one?

help with wedding day management

What happens if my caterer doesn't show up on time? Who answers guest questions? I reallllllllllly don't want my Aunt Karen setting up the decor from her wedding 30 years ago.

We can help with that.

From the moment you sign a contract with us to your last dance on your wedding day, we'll be there for you (yes, a F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference)

We offer Full Planning and Coordination services to ease your mind and eliminate any stress.

All we've got to do is get started.

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What Makes Us Different?

When planning my own wedding, I was the Bride with a binder of charts, to-do-lists and colour coordinated tabs. But I quickly learned that it doesn't matter how "Type A" you are... there are still things that are going to come up on your wedding day. I wish that I had had someone to put out all of the little fires. 

Wild Bloem Studios IS that person for you. We bring the same attention to detail and dedication that I had for my wedding, to yours. 

"I left everything in Brittany's hands and I couldn't have been happier with the results. The venue looked beautiful, she did an excellent job of supervising staff, and tackled a dozen last minute issues in stride. Brittany's excitement for our day and confidence in what she was doing really let us just relax and about the planning and enjoy our day I am so happy Brittany Bested was a part of our big day and whole heartedly recommend her to everyone."

— Rachel and George

"Words cannot describe how grateful we feel to have the opportunity to work with Brittany. She is meticulous, kind and has a rare sense of calm that we all needed to execute the perfect wedding. She makes you laugh it out when you’re stressed and brings you comfort when in doubt. At first, we wanted to plan our own wedding and only have Brittany do day-of coordination, thinking Pinterest would guide us with decor and florals. We were very wrong. Ideas are great but bringing them to life takes a creator and village of hard working people. Brittany designed our wedding - vogue chic in black, champagne and hints of red for asian tradition, created our floral arrangements, decorated the entire venue, and ensured our wedding was one to remember. Brittany, thank you for everything. You’ve filled our hearts with joy and we cannot wait to see what other magic you create for other loved ones."

— Lucy and Eric

“Nick and I couldn’t be happier with the work of Wild Bloem Studios! From the flowers to the decorations, the signs, the table designs, the work that was put into planning every detail was just above and beyond.

 Brittany was amazing to work with, she was by our side every step of the way and made everything so easy for us. She listened to what we wanted and made our dreams come true. I still can’t believe how perfect our day was!!! Thank you times a million to this incredible woman and her company!

— COurtney and Nick

Are you ready to  sit back, relax, and drink that mimosa? 

We want you to enjoy both your engagement and your wedding day stress-free . We want you to be able to look back on this time in your life with a smile on your face and a little pep in your step.

then our planning and coordination is perfect for you.

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